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I love music. It’s been in my bones for as long as I can remember. I love it because it is multi dimensional. It can bring so much on so many levels. The glorious sound of rich harmonies and evocative melodic phrases, the intricate tapestry of textures that arrives when different instruments come together as one, the divine poetry of lyrics that can offer a different view point on life, the feel of a kicking groove and how it can move our bodies in ways that surprise and delight us. 

And the energetic factor …. the way it truly makes us feel .. at a vibrational level. Sure it’s a combination of the sounds and the grooves, but it’s more than that. It has the power to bring us to the magnificence of space so that we can feel ourselves in connection with this vast universe .. more than the flesh .. It can awaken us to deeper levels of subtlety and feelings that we may not otherwise be able to locate amidst the noise of this world, helping us to deepen our understanding of different levels of sensitivity in ourselves and others. 


Music can convey immense love, appreciation and joy, such that we feel our enormous capacity to love from our true hearts. It can empower us with true support, and ignite us, rousing us out of our chairs as we feel the spark of the possibility of grander things, beyond ourselves, and it can hold us in our tenderness .. and just let us be  .. in deep surrender. 


It can teach us and it can wake us up, offering an experience of what it feels like to live life with the blinkers off, and it can convey a level of delicateness and vulnerability that we may have forgotten that we possess. In this we are perhaps momentarily disarmed ...


Music can offer a depth of beauty that can open our hearts and minds to the possibility of more.


This is why I make music.

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